“VR per GENERE” stands for Virtual Reality Prevention of Gender Violence in Europe based on Neuroscience of Embodiment, PeRspective and Empathy.

The aim of VR Per GENERE is to reduce intimate partner violence through the deployment of cost-effective prevention and rehabilitation tools based on immersive virtual reality


The project is achievable based on the expertise of the consortium in this area and existing collaborations with stakeholders.

We use immersive virtual reality (VR) to tackle the following objectives:

To induce behavioural and attitudinal changes

in the general public regarding intimate partner violence by raising awareness, enhancing empathy for victims and fostering helpful behaviour in bystanders to IPV incidents.

To promote healthy dating relationships

by empowering young women to respond assertively to psychological abuse, thus minimizing the chances of harmful outcomes and the likelihood of men abusing.

To reduce recidivism of IPV offenders

in and out of prison by using VR scenarios as a tool in rehabilitation programs.

To validate, promote and make these tools available

to the European society, including Justice Departments, prisons, high schools, and universities.

Virtual Reality Prevention of Gender-Violence in Europe based on Neuroscience of Embodiment, peRspective and Empathy

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