Youtube video series related to the research and results of the VRperGenere project

In the framework of the VRperGenere project, we are compiling a series of videos related to the research and results of the project.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a pervasive social issue: in the VRperGenere project, we investigate how the use of virtual reality can be an effective tool for the prevention and rehabilitation of IPV.

Our goal is to raise awareness about topics relative to gender violence in general, and intimate partner violence in particular.

Awareness plays a crucial role in the reduction of IPV: through understanding the ins and outs of its risk and protection factors, members of the general public, but also IPV survivors and perpetrators, can better identify situations of IPV, reflect upon them, and be empowered to take action.

In this videos series, we will also explore the added value of virtual reality for prevention and rehabilitation of IPV. We will discuss a variety of themes, ranging from risk factors related to IPV such as victim blaming or gender role adherence, to prevention of IPV in the community through the modification of attitudes and the reflection on key concepts, such as the question of consent in relationships, to strategies of rehabilitation with perpetrators of IPV.

Finally, our project is carried out in Finland and in Spain, and so some information will be in Spanish , in Finish or in English.