Video 06: Neural impact of becoming a victim in VR

This video discusses the behavioral and neural impact of embodying intimate partner violence perpetrators in the first-person perspective (1PP) of a virtual victim.

Video 05: Jyväskylä perpetrator intervention programme

The programme for perpetrators in Jyväskylä, Finland, started in 1996. The voluntary based intervention start with individual sessions at the crisis centre Mobile followed by a group program at the Psychotherapy Training and Research Centre, University of Jyväskylä.

Video 04: Being the victim versus being an observer of intimate partner violence in virtual reality

The potential for batterer rehabilitation of a virtual reality paradigm originates from presence and identification with the victim, which in turn is more easily, but not exclusively, achieved through a first-person experience

Video 03: Recognition of domestic violence in health care

Domestic violence is a major public health issue and thus recognition of patients experiencing violence should be improved in health care.

Video 02: Consent: what is it, and how do we talk about it?

The goal of this video is to increase awareness and help gain more knowledge about a concept that is often confused or unclear, sexual consent. Knowing what sexual consent is, is a key to developing healthy sexual relationships.

Video 01: Violencia en el noviazgo (in Spanish). Gender violence and dating violence among our young people

The aim of this video is to raise awareness and give visibility to dating violence among young people. Identifying it in time is a key factor to contribute to prevention.

Workshop - Virtual reality for perpetrators in prison & probation

Based on our actual experience of working with virtual reality with offenders, Nicolas Barnes and Tania Johnston presented and discussed the work they are conducting with perpetrators in prison and probation in collaboration with the Department of Justice of Catalonia and as part of the VR Per GENERE European projec in the European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN).

Mavi Sanchez-Vives interview in "Lògic - Una altra realitat" at betevé TV

Offenders become the victim in virtual reality: impact of changing perspective in domestic violence

Seinfeld, S., Arroyo-Palacios, J., Iruretagoyena, G., Hortensius, R., Zapata, L.E., Borland, D., De Gelder, B., Slater, M., and Sanchez-Vives, M.V. (2018). Offenders become the victim in virtual reality: impact of changing perspective in domestic violence. Scientific Reports 8, 2692.

Sofia Seinfeld, “Perspective-taking in immersive VR” in Waterkant Festival *LIVE* // June 12, 2020

La realidad virtual se puede utilizar para inducir empatía

The Transformational Power of VR | Mavi Sánchez-Vives | TEDxIESEBarcelona

Transforming lives with virtual reality